Tzumi Muraya

Reportage Ayahuma Diet

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4 day jungle tour

Get to know the Amazon and experience the beautiful flora and fauna for affordable prices. For details click on: jungle tour

Ayahuasca Retreat/Plant Diet

We have several Plant diets and Ayahuasca retreats scheduled in our private center for the upcoming months. Click on Programs for more information, dates and prices

Rent our Center

Organise your own program, retreat or workshop and rent our center. Click here to read more about the costs, terms and conditions.

Welcome to Tzumi Muraya

 'Tzumi Muraya' is an ancestral name, written in the dialect of the Cocama indians of the Amazon rainforest and represent the curanderos/shamans who had reached a certain level of knowledge. 

`Tzumi Muraya´ can be translated best as ´Soul of the Grandfather Medicineman´.

  It is a private healing center where alternative medicine is practiced and promoted.

We focus mainly on the traditional use of medicinal plants and trees found in the Peruvian Amazon and through the gatherings with visitors and the shamans that we work with we hope to keep the ancestral traditions alive.

 Our private center is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, about 2,5 hours from Iquitos City where most of our traditional plant diet and healing ceremonies are scheduled.

Surrounded by virginal forest we consider our location energetically very suitable and powerful for practicing traditional medicine.

 Several treatments, plant diets and healing ceremonies are offered in our malocca (traditional ceremony house) which are guided by kind and knowledgeable curanderos/ shamans that we succesfully worked with during several years.

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Jungle tour of 4 days

Through our website you can also book a 4 day jungle tour that we offer recently. Get to know the Amazon and experience the beautiful flora and fauna of the jungle in this 4 day jungle tour in beautiful lodge 'El Delfin'. The tour includes:

  • A visit to the indians, the Yagua tribe
  • Boatrides to see the famous pink and grey dolphins, birdwatching and piranja fishing.
  • Nightwalks to look for tarantulas, frog species and insects.
  • General culture and stories and legends of the forest.
  • Hikes to get to know the variety of medicinal plants and Amazon wildlife.
  •  A visit to the monkey island, where we can feed the monkeys and see other animals such as turtles, anacondas and parrots
  • Visit to a community farm where we will see caimanes, the biggest crocodiles of the Amazon, Paiches, the biggest fish specie of the Amazon and where we get to know the biggest amazonian floating plants  'Victoria Reggia'.

Click on jungle tour for more details